Studio Overview

Studio Overview

BetPractice Studio is a software for football betting odds calculation, very similar but simplified to those software used by the bookmakers, to calculate odds for football betting markets.  

BetPractice’s odds compiling is based on the idea of pure statistical processing regarding only scoring data filters from previous years, avoiding to include complicated mathematical forecasting models or parameters related to the teams’ current state (injuries, suspensions etc).

BetPractice Studio gives you all the insight you need to find key betting trends using the utilities below:


Advanced coupon including the real odds / probabilities of 1X2, based on pure statistical analysis from previous years, compared with Betfair odds to identify value bets.

Game Analysis:

Betting opportunities is not only for 1X2 & for Over/Under 2.5 markets. We exclusively offer an odds compiling for more than 76 different betting markets per game compared with available Betfair odds to identify value bets.

Search Engine:

The user can search for one or more leagues simultaneously, for betting markets (more than 76) with the highest probability to win or with the best relation between success and value.

System Hunter:

A state of the art tool which models betting systems for a long term success, based on past results. System Hunter uses our database to find profitable betting systems searching data in the past, as a model of what will happen in the future. The success rate and the yield for each betting system is applied strictly for the leagues included in the configuration.

NextGoal Predictor:

Sophisticated tool to help you betting and trading for in-play positions looking at specific periods of the game and how likely there are to be goals coming up. You can use your own football data filters according to your betting scenario.

OddsCompiler Platform:

Sophisticated tool for odds compiling by using your own football data filters according to your betting scenario. It is suitable for odds compiling for in-play positions of the game, helps you betting in-play.

What is different

We try to discover how bookmakers define the odds, using statistical processing regarding scoring data filters from previous years and not only from the last six or ten games. 

What we calculate

We calculate both pre-game and in-play real probabilities and the relevant real odds for more than 60 betting markets per game.

Confirm our results

Our analysis of odds compiling is open source. In every stage of analysis, there is a detailed table with respect to previous scoring data, in order to confirm the accuracy of the real odds.

What are the benefits

Automatic search of bets with high probability to win.

Comparison with Betfair markets to identify value bets.

Accuracy of the results

We have a detailed analysis for the accuracy and success of our method.

What we do not do

BetPractice's Odds Evaluation are not :

Past bookies odds for the games

Bookmaker best odds for each market

A Tip based on personal judgement