BetPractice Studio is based on an online subscription service that is priced in monthly or full year duration. You can activate all BetPractice Group tools online, without the need of any activation codes or serial numbers. Purchasing process via e-shop includes simple form filling applications. You are then automatically informed that your subscription is valid and when it is due to expire. Your subscription will expire automatically at the end of your stated period. Subscribers are not able to login at the same time using the same username and password.


Having completed your order, you will be immediately directed to the BetPractice Studio area where you can use your purchase product online. You do not need to receive a serial number to unlock your software; you can start using the online statistic tools immediately.


Your service will start from the point of your registration. Once the subscription is activated it runs for the full term of the subscription. if your actual subscription is close to the expiring date, you will be informed at least ten days in advance. You will receive reminders when you login or by email  (to the address you have stated during login). It is not possible to break or temporarily suspend the service. We are not able to return or offer any credit or refunds for unused portions of your activated subscription.


Your purchase is subject to the general terms, as detailed on this page, and subject to the license agreement you agree upon registration. If you do not agree with these terms then you should not proceed with any registration or purchasing.
Subscriptions are for the stated period and will not renew automatically, there is no need to e-mail us with a cancellation.
All orders are on a firm sale basis only and once you register and / or use the service we are unable to provide any pro rata refunds for non-usage of your remaining subscription. Registration of the software will be considered acceptance of all terms and of the software license agreement.
If your software registration is expired and you would not proceed with a renewal, you will continue to be a valid member of BetPractice, unless you want to deactivate your registration. In this case we need an e-mail with the specific deactivation request.
From a few days to yearly access options you will find a package to suit your budget. The subscription will not automatically renew - so no nasty surprises at the end of your purchased access period. You decide if you wish to renew. Our fully automated orders systems mean you can buy new access and register when you are ready to use the online application, having the same username and password as stated on your first login.


All payments are done through credit or debit / charge card and only through Pay Pal. This is necessary so that we can register you as a valid user. Once the whole procedure ends and we have the confirmation that your payment is successful, then immediately you too receive an email for this confirmation. After that, you can use the BetPractice online tools for the whole period you have requested.


You can find out our products and decide which one suits you through the E-Shop - Pricing page. Each online application has different price, depending on the duration and the set of online application that are included. Through the e-shop procedure you have the following options:
a.  Registration is free
b.  Each package includes all available football leagues.
c. Prices of the BetPractice applications, will be changed at any time without prior notice.
d. The product prices are charging with VAT.