Odds Compiler Platform is an online tool for more demanding users who want to compile their own in-play real odds, for Over / Under markets, based on their own methodology. 

For Over/Under markets we use a data sample for both teams that consists of data from the last two (2) football seasons and data from the current season. Once each team has played more than ten (10) games in the current season, we drop the data from two years ago and only use data from the current and the previous season.

You have chosen to bet live on the game Nordsjaelland vs Esbjerg and we want to bet for Full Time Over/Under markets. Also, for our example, the game has started and the elapse time is the 12min and the exact score is still 0-0.

As a user, you must Select:

  • The Historical database  (the number of past seasons data records) [Indicator 1]
  • The game [Indicator 2]
  • The Filter of data sample( One team as Home and the other as Away) [Indicator 2]
  • Game period - Full Time Odds [Indicator 7]

Also you must insert:

  • the elapse time of the game [Indicator 6]
  • the current score of the game [Indicator 5]

FTime Over/Under at elapse time


You get the following in-play real odds for the FTime Over/Under at elapse time 12min and the score 0-0: 

  • Under1.5: 3.71 [Indicator 8]
  • Under2.5: 2.00 [Indicator 8]
  • Under3.5: 1.37 [Indicator 8]
  • Under4.5: 1.08 [Indicator 8]

or you can get the real probabilities at elapse time 12min and the score 0-0:

  • Under1.5: 26.92% [Indicator 8]
  • Under2.5: 50.00% [Indicator 8]
  • Under3.5: 73.08% [Indicator 8]
  • Under4.5: 92.31% [Indicator 8]

You can change the elapse time accordingly to the real time of the game and you can get different in-play real odds, depends of the time and the exact score that you have insert in Odds Compiler Platform.