Get Started with BetPractice and you will get the tools and the info that will change your way of thinking about football betting.

What We Do

BetPractice offers a wide variety of services to subscribers, such as following: 

  • BetPractice provides qualitative statistical tools for punters regardless if they are starters or professionals in football betting. BetPractice gives as more weapons as possible to the player for the battle against the bookmakers, since he is alone against all the bookmakers on the other side.
  • BetPractice compiles odds either pre-game or in-play mode based on pure statistical analysis, without sophisticated algorithms and without including external factors such as weather conditions, transfers, injuries, red cards, etc.
  • BetPractice provides the punter with the tools to find the bets that have value. BetPractice compares its real odds to the bookmakers' odds and calculates in real time if there is a value or not.
  • BetPractice develops online tools such as Odds Compiler Platform & Next Goal Predictor, so that punters are able to:
    • compile their real odds pre-game
    • compile their real odds in-play
    • make their own betting strategy either pre or in-play mode of a game
    • study and analyse in-depth any league or game that they are interested in
  • BetPractice provides the tools to punters for "Betting the Opposite", that is the bets that  are statistically more likely to happen than the ones the bookmakers offer.
  • BetPractice provides punters with the ability to evaluate bookmakers' odds and decide what kind of bets to invest their money on, in order to get the best performance.
  • BetPratice provides punters wit the opportunity to widen the range of the available bets as they may choose among 165 bets per game.
  • BetPratice provides punters with the opportunity to understand how the bookmakers compile their odds, their way of thinking, the data samples they are using in every game up to the moment of the first goal and what they do after the first goal is scored.
  • Information is available to the punters one month prior to the opening of the bookmakers' betting markets, early enough for them to be ready to buy at the best possible price with the most profit.
  • By compiling odds to 76 markets per game, we are providing punters with a detailed overview of the game, making it easier for them to decide whether to invest their money or not. If the statistics of the different betting markets on a game do not highlight a favourite, then it is better to leave behind this match and find another one to bet on.

What We Do Not

  • BetPractice NEVER encourages any punter to invest their money on any bet, either with small or big risk. We believe in the judgement of the punter and let them decide for themselves.
  • BetPractice's Odds Compiling is not Past bookies odds for the games.
  • BetPractice's Odds Compiling is not Bookmaker's best odds for each market
  • BetPractice's Odds Compiling is not A Tip based on personal judgement
  • "Gambling" is away from the philosophy of BetPractice
  • We are not any kind of Tipsters. We do not predict the final result of any betting market. We only believe in the power of pure statistics.