In the world of football betting, everything must be easy to find. All the info you want should be there as quick as possible. Until now, the quest of the bets to invest your money on, required a... Ph.D. in statistics, advanced computer programming skills and thousands of spreadsheet data. Our subscribers have the unique opportunity to search and find any bet that they want easy, quickly.

With the Bet Practice “Search Engine”, users are three easy steps from finding the games that they are after. Choose from 40 worldwide leagues with 76 different betting markets per game (or 165 betting opportunities per game) and let Bet Practice do the rest.

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  1. Select the bets you want from the leagues that interest you or the ones with the best yield percentage.
  2. Decide on the probability of success that interests you the most (success probability is based on Bet Practice Studio’s ‘real’ odds not the bookmaker’s odds)
  3. Get Your Results

Everything is so easy and so fast.

We also give you the values in your selections (based on our "real odds") in order to get the whole picture before you decide to place any bets.