Date: the date of the game that was took place

Total Games: the number of games that were calculated for the probability of the specific betting market, as the favorite to succeed. Included only Valuebets (min Value ≥ 0.00%)

Succeed Games: the number of the total games that succeeded according to the calculate probability of the specific market

Real Odds: the odds prices that BetPractice had compiled for the specific market of the game (not bookmaker's odds prices)

Probability: the probability that BetPractice has calculated for the specific market of the game (not bookmaker's probability)

Betfair Odds: the odds prices of Betfair Exchange market. The odds are the last taken prices before kick-off (max 35-40min before kick-off)

Value: ((Betfair Odds - Real Odds) / Real Odds) * % > 0.00%

Success Rate: (Succeded Games / Total Games) * %

Stake: We use one (1) unit per game. The numbers in the specific column are calculated = Total Games X Stake

Money Lost: the total amount of money that we have lost concerning the markets that were not succeded = (Total Games - Succeded Games) X 1unit

Money Won: the total amount of the money that was won concerning the markets that were succeded = Succeded Games X 1unit

Yield: ((Money Won - Stake) / Stake ) * %