Betting rules

Rule_1: Never bet what you can't afford to lose

This is the simplest rule to understand, but the hardest rule to stick by for most punters. Every gambler who has hit a winning streak or a losing streak has fallen into the trap and gambled away money they couldn't afford to lose. DON'T DO IT !!

The safest way to get started in betting, is to work out how much money you can afford to lose before you start. If the thought of losing makes you feel sick ... then  DON'T DO IT !!

Rule_2: Don't try and be too clever!

The bookies have made the rules of the game more complicated for a reason -  to take your cash off you.

Be a smart punter - do your homework:

  • Learn how to place a bet 
  • Learn how the odds work
  • Learn how difficult it is to pick one winner
  • Learn and enjoy the feeling that collecting the "payout" gives you


Rule_3: Bet on what you know

Don't be tempted to place large amounts of money on a match just because you read one article on it.

Do extended research on YOUR favorite teams  and learn more details about your bets!!


Rule_4: Beware of "hot insider tips"

There are plenty of people who are keen to give you information that will, according to them, make you a fortune. Never pay for advice and don't follow any advice blindly!!

Trust your own instincts.

Rule_5: Long shots are high payers for a reason

Remember that the bookmaker commission (rake) is between 5% and 10% profit from each transaction, and the higher the odds the more "juice" they take. There is a very good reason why bookmakers are very successful businesses - and it is not because they are charitable or give money away.