Betting Systems with real odds

BetPractice's betting systems have been derived from real odds compiling in comparison to bookmakers' odds prices since August 2013.

We present the following betting systems based on the accurate analysis of past period real odds results. When betting, take those things which have happened in the past as a model of what will happen in the future.

Punters could get long term success by following a system that fits better to them. The most popular betting markets have been selected, such as FT match odd, HT match odds, FT Over2.5 total goals, FT Under2.5 total goals etc. Betting systems are based on specific criteria.

The success rate and the yield for each betting system is applied, strictly for the leagues included in the analysis. The same betting system could be applied to any other league of your demand, but the success rate and the yield might be different. 

Our betting systems are based on specific criteria which are:

  • Real probability: we have chosen three options of pre-calculated real probabilities for every betting strategy.
  • Value bet
  • The best yield (ROI) in combination with the above 2 criterias

The most popular betting markets have been selected, such as Full Time match odd, Half Time match odds, Full Time Over 2.5 total goals, Full Time Under 2.5 total goals etc.

We present those betting systems through which punters could get long term success, by following the system that fits them. The suggestions assume that punters already do the following things:

Football search engine

By using our powerful online tool, called Search Engine, everyone could follow the system that they have selected. 

Our real goal is, of course, to win. The measure of success of a betting system is not the percentage of winning bets, but the amount of profit you made over any given period of time. Anyone interested in finding a way to beat the bookie, needs to have a successful football betting system. This does not guarantee success, but it greatly increases the chances of making a profitable bet.