The punter could get long term success by following a system that fits better to them. The most popular betting markets have been selected, such as FT match odd, HTime match odds, FTime Over2.5 total goals, FTime Under2.5 total goals etc. Betting systems are based on specific configuration.

The beauty of System Hunter is that the user can go further by adjusting two basic parameters, in order to search the most profitable betting systems, which are:

  • Calculated probability to win
  • Calculated betting value compared to Betfair’s odd

The success rate and the yield for each betting system is applied, strictly for the leagues included in the configuration. As long as you have finalised your betting system (leagues, probabilities, values etc) based on past results, press the “Apply” button to find a similar betting system for the Future, searching BetPractice’s studio pre-calculated odds.

System Hunter can search for a maximum of 5 days. 

Using our totally NEW powerful tool "System Hunter" you could apply any of our or any of your betting systems in only 5 steps. 

Before configuring and applying any betting system, please read the FAQ below, in order to fully understand the meaning and the way that you have to work with System Hunter.