How to create your betting systems by using the powerfull System Hunter

BetPractice Studio compiles “real” betting Odds (and probabilities) for 41 football leagues and more than 75 betting markets per football game. At the same time, BetPractice Studio compares “real” pre-calculated odds with corresponding Betfair odds, generating in that way, a huge database of “real” pre-calculated odds, Betfair past odds and final game results.

System Hunter uses this database to find profitable betting systems searching data in the past, as a model of what will happen in the future.

An Example



Let’s assume the following selections of
- Select League:    Bundesliga Germany
- Select Market:    “Team1 win”
- Prediction Type:  “Optimum prices”
- Past period:         “November 2014”

An example how to create your betting systems

When you press the button “Submit new system” you have a picture as has been shown below.

An example how to create your betting systems

Analysis of System Hunter Terminology:

  1. Available matches: According to BetPractice’s methodology of pre-calculated odds (Option: Optimum prices), there were 29 games in the past (November 2014), that “Team1 win” had the highest probability to win compared to “Team2 win” and “The Draw”.
  2. Succeed Matches & Success Rate : From the 29 games, Team 1 finally won at the 18 games, so BetPractice’s pre-calculated odds had a success rate of 18/29=0.62 or 62.07%.
  3. Stake & Win: If we assume a stake of 1€ placed in the 29 games, then according to Bookmakers' odds (Betfair odds) we could have won 37.02€, coming from the 18 successful games.
  4. Yield: The calculated yield is: Yield: ((Money Won - Stake) / Stake) * % or Yield= ((37.02-29.00) / 29.00) =0.2766 or 27.66%



By pressing the “Details” button you have an analytical view of the 29 games including the BetPractice’s pre-calculated probabilities and odds, Betfair’s probabilities and odds and the betting value. It is obvious, which predictions were successful or not (money won is zero).



The beauty of System Hunter is that the user can go further by adjusting two basic parameters, in order to search for the most profitable betting systems, which are:

  • Calculated probability to win
  • Calculated betting value compared to Betfair’s odds

Calculated betting value

For example type:

  • Probability from 55% up to 100% and
  • Value from 5% to 200%

Press the “Adjust” button and the updated results have been shown as below

Calculated betting value

According to the updated probabilities and values, System Hunter searched 4 available games having:

  • calculated probability for market “team1 win” with more that 55% and
  • Betting value between 5% and 200% compared to Betfair odd.

By pressing the “Details” button you have an analytical view of the 4 available games.

Calculated betting value



In case you want to add more leagues press the “Configure” button again and add the leagues you want.

Calculated betting value

Press the “Submit Changes” button.

Calculated betting value

You have a perfect analytical view of success rates and yields for every league separately and for total of results.

Calculated betting value

Press the button  Calculated betting value   to deactivate / activate one league, in order to check the influence to the total Yield results as shown below.

Calculated betting value



As soon as you have finalized your betting system (leagues, probabilities, values etc) based on past results, press the “Apply” button to find a similar betting system for the future, searching BetPractice Studio pre-calculated odds.

Calculated betting value

System Hunter can search for maximum of 5 days.

Value according to current Betfair

There are currently three games in a future period of 5 days, that show predictions for:

  • Team 1 win” more than 55% (61.82%, 55.36% & 67.50%) and
  • Value according to current Betfair’s odds more than 5% and below 200%.

ave your Betting System



As long as you have finalize your betting system you can save it for future use by pressing the “Save” button. Type a name and useful comments if you want.

finalize your betting system

An example how to create your betting systems

You can load your saved system at any time by pressing the “Load System” button at the configuration menu.

An example how to create your betting systems