Value is a purely mathematical way of calculating how good odds are. You are only using the odds and the probability of the outcome to evaluate the odds. Factors like league position, form, and injuries are not taken into consideration, it is all about the odds and the probability.

The value calculated for odds is the expected payout for each unit staked. That is how much you get in return for each unit staked. 

Value = Odds × Success Probability (%) 100. If the value is above 1.00, then the bet is a ValueBet

Each time you bet more than a unit you will get more than a unit back statistically. In this way, you should win money in the long run. With BetPractice Studio, you know the true probability of an outcome, which nobody does when it comes to sport events.

If you can get odds 2.30 (Betfair offered odds price) at Home Team to win over Away Team, 

and Home team has a 58.21% real chance of winning (BetPractice's real probability), the odds will have the following value:


Value = 2.30 × 58.21 / 100 = 1.337. Since the value is above 1.00, this is a ValueBet.

"Value Bets" is a way to find the very best odds among the enormous amount of odds available in our site. It is a method to find the odds, which not only are the highest for the specific event, but, in relative terms, the best of them all.

  1. ValueBets with the same value can have very different probabilities.
  2. ValueBets with high odds and low probabilities are interesting, If you aim for big winnings.
  3. ValueBets with low odds and high probabilities are interesting, If you aim for a relatively safe bet.