We will use the online tool System Hunter, in order to create a football betting system, taking under consideration the past results of February 2014. We will analyse what has happened on February 2014 and we will apply this analysis to February 2015.

The details of the current football betting system are:

  • Odds prices: Optimum odds prices
  • Period: February 2014
  • Market: Full Time Home team to win the game
  • Real Probability of market: > 45.00%
  • Value in comparison to bookies odds prices: > 5.00%

In the table below you can find out the outputs of System Hunter tool, keeping only the leagues that have positive yield. We exclude the leagues with negative yield, in order to get a football betting system as more profitable as we can.

Table 1

The specifc football betting system has

  • Success Rate: 54.17% (39/72 games)
  • Yield: 34.58%

We placed one unit for each game, meaning that our total stake was 72 units and we earned 96.90 units.

Now we can apply the specific football betting system on the next games in February 2015, and the results are shown in table 2

Table 2

We will follow the plan of the system and day by day we will place our stakes only to the specific games that we have decided to bet according to the betting system.