We will use the online tool System Hunter, in order to create a football betting system only for Premier League, taking under consideration the past results from August 2014 up to 1st of March 2015.

We will analyze what has happened during the specific period of time and we will present full details of the games, in order the reader to get the clear picture and without any misunderstandings.

The details of the current football betting system are

  • Odds prices: All odds prices
  • Period : August 2014 to March 01 2015
  • Market : Full Time Home team to win the game
  • Real Probability of market : 30.00% 40.00%
  • Value in comparison to bookies odds prices : > 0.00%

In the table below you can find out the outputs of System Hunter tool, only for the English Premier League.

Table 1

The specifc football betting system has

  • Success Rate : 37.21% (16/43 games)
  • Yield : 58.33%

We placed one unit for each game, meaning that our total stake was 43 units and we earned 68.08 units.

Now, the reader can get a full analysis of the games, the real odds by BetPractice, Betfair odds and the value. Also the reader can get the winning bets and the lost bets for every game. The results are shown on table 2

Table 2

The beauty of System Hunter is that the user can go further by adjusting two basic parameters, in order to search for the most profitable betting systems, which are:

Calculated probability to win
Calculated betting value compared to Betfair’s odd


By Scalpczar