We will make a quick analysis of how to adjust the Probability of SYSTEM HUNTER strategies.

In the example (figure 1) we look at a long term strategy for THE DRAW of Spanish Segunda division, taking the “Optimum prices” for a period from 01/08/2014 to 28/02/2015.


Figure 1: Strategies with “Οptimum prices” for The Draw of Spanish Segunda Division


Assuming “Optimum prices” for this period, there is a positive yield of 24.56% by playing for THE DRAW.

System Hunter concluded to this result by picking 34 matches with optimum prices concerning THE DRAW.

By pressing the "Details" button there is an analytical overview of the games and the referred “Optimum prices” concerning THE DRAW.

Generally, “Optimum prices” concerning THE DRAW (or Team1 win or Team2 win) has a starting price of probability, not less than 33-34%.


Figure 2: Games overview for “Optimum prices” concerning THE DRAW


When the user adjusts the Probability Option From: 50% to 100% as it shows in figure 3, then SYTEM HUNTER picks only the games,

where the “Optimum prices” concerning THE DRAW, have probability to win more or equal to 50%, as it shows in figure 4.

By changing the probability From 50% to 100% System Hunter picked 5 matches with optimum prices concerning THE DRAW.


Figure 3: Adjusting the Probability From: 50% to 100%


Figure 4: Games preview with “Optimum prices” where probability is more or equal to 50%