System Hunter

System Hunter is a state of the art statistical tool that lets you create football betting systems based on the analysis of past records of football games.

The software is based on our own real odds compared to odds prices of different bookmakers for more than 40 worldwide leagues and 16 football betting markets.

In this way we can calculate the yield of a football betting system based on your request. 

Finally, System Hunter calculates, in only a few seconds, those bets that correspond to the filters that you have set up as prerequisites. We combine the parameters needed to bet with the benefit of using profitable betting systems.

  • Analyze with full knowledge all previous results 

  • Only select those leagues that offer profitability and discard those that don't have positive yield

  • System Hunter lets you find the games to bet on according to the standards of your own system.

You can find a more detailed explanation on all the benefits of System Hunter here.