Search Engine

Search Engine

About Search Engine:

This is a powerful field where the user can search, within a few seconds, for bets with the highest probability to win.  Advanced search filters allow the definition of the desirable probability to win, the selection of the markets and the selection of the leagues.

Choose from over 39 worldwide leagues and 76 different betting markets per game (or 165 betting opportunities per game) and let “Search Engine” to find those bets that fit your request.

How it works:

Region: Select one or more leagues.

Markets: One or more markets for your search

Probability: Set the lower (From) and upper (To) bound of the probability for your bets to win.

From / To: Select the game period you want to search




Search Engine: Selection of the country, Argentina, Brasil & England


Search Engine: Selection of the Markets, match odds & Over/Under 2.5 goals


Search Engine: Selection of searching game period 


Search Engine: Selection of the Probability to win, probability with 70% success up to 100%


Get the results:

By pressing the “search”  button in the above example the program searches within a few seconds all bets of the selected markets for which BetPractice Studio has calculated a success probability of more than 70% up to 100%.


Search Engine: Search engine results


Search Engine Found:

-One market of Team 1 (FT) with 71.05% probability of success

-Three markets of Under 2.5 goals with 75%, 72% & 72% probability of success

-Two markets of Over 2.5 goals with 72%probability of success

The results table includes the match, the date of the match, the market and all essential data such as:

·         Statistical Probability (“real” probability) of the market to win

·         “Real” Odd

·         The best betfair odd, when it is available

·         The value price of the particular bet


Real Time Value Bets: Result table includes also the real time value of the searching bets according to available betfair odds.


Search Engine: Real time value bets

What is different

Search within a few seconds for bets with the highest probability to win

What are the benefits

Search 39 worldwide leagues and 76 different betting markets at once

Betting Opportunities

Find the best Home or Αway wins, most probable final scores, Asian bets etc.

Modify your probability to win

Set your desired probability for your betting

Real Time value bets

All betting outcomes of results show the betting value according to Betfair Exchange

Make your betting system

Find bets with high probability to win and record how many of them come off after the game.