Odds Compiler Platform

Odds Compiler Platform


The Odds Compiler is a platform for demanding users who wish to make calculate odds on their own. It is a sophisticated tool for odds compiling by using your own football data filters. It is suitable also for odds compiling for in-play positions of the game, helps you live betting.

OddsCompiler Platform: General view


The specific tool is almost identical to those that a bookmaker uses to compile football betting odds.

Odds compiling can be achieved for FTime and HTime markets’ results whose are:

·          Match odds

·          Under1.5 / Under2.5 / Under3.5 / Under4.5

·          Exact scores


OddsCompiler Platform: Available markets


OddsCompiler Platform: FTime Odds compiling


OddsCompiler Platform: HTime Odds compiling



In order to get in-play odds compiling results simply modify:

The Elapsed Time

The Score


OddsCompiler Platform: Odds compiling for in-play odds 



Odds compiling calculations are based on previous scoring data according to your filter selections as:

Filters about the database used:

-Country and League

-Previous seasons or game period


OddsCompiler Platform: Database according to previous seasons


OddsCompiler Platform: Database filters according to game period


Filters about the Teams:

Two Teams: Options that uses scoring data of played games coming from two teams. Available options for choosing Home / Away of Both Home and Away played game. 

One Team: Options that uses scoring data of played games coming only for one team. Available options for choosing Home / Away of Both Home and Away played game. 

Exact Match: Options that uses scoring data of played games from specific games

Data report: Options that uses scoring data of all played games included in a season league


OddsCompiler Platform: Team filters for two teams



Odds Compiler platform can be used for in-play football trading strategies. By activating the options “Time Area Search” you can search the probability to have a score change during in-play positions of the game.

In the example shown at the picture below:

If the current score is 1-1

If the Elapsed is at 53min

The probability to have a score change from 53min up to 63min is:

For the draw to remain is: 64.29%

For Arsenal to win up to 63min is: 21.43%

For Chelsea to win up to 63min is: 14.29%


OddsCompiler Platform: Example for Trading features



Odds compiler analysis is open source. You can check or verify odds compiling results by a detailed table including filtered past games and scoring data from the database.


OddsCompiler Platform: Detailed table to verify odds compiling results

This particular tool comes with a detailed guide (English version).



What is different

Create your own predictions based on advanced filters from a huge database of scoring data

What are the benefits

It is a tool almost identical to the ones bookmakers use to calculate football-betting odds

How you win

Check how bookmakers calculate the odds and find your own value bets

Unique option

The most powerful advantage of Odds Compiler is the ability to produce “real” betting in-play odds as well. 

Huge database

More than 39 leagues included 

Check tool's results

There is an open source database to check the accuracy of the results