Trading Simulator is a free website software for you to practice your Trading skills (Back/Lay or Lay/Back) at Betfair Exchange without real money.

The software simulates a virtual football game showing the odds movement of back and lay prices for match odds market.

1. Click with your mouse on the back or lay odds to «place» a bet.

    In this example I press on the Lay price 4.30 of the Draw win.

2. I Insert a stake of 15.00€. I get profit and loss according to Local win: 15.00€, Draw: -49.50€ or Away win: 15.00€.


3. Α Cashout indicator appears to informs you of the way to make a bet.

    In my example I have an initial Lay bet of:
    Lay price: 4.30, Stake: 15.00€

   Cashout indicator follows the opposite price, in this case the back price. More precicesly:

   -You can make a bet with the available Back price of 4.29, with a stake of 15.03€.

   -If you place this back bet you are going to lose -0.03€ at every game result (local or Away win or Draw).


4. Click the button «start» and the timer starts to show the Elapsed Time of the game.

     The Back / Lay prices start to move according the elapsed and the score.

    Cashout indicator follows the movement of the back price and informs for the current profit or loss.


5. Suddenly the first goal is scored at Elapsed 10min.

6. After the first goal, Back odds for Draw moved up.

    Cashout indicator shows a profit by following the corresponding back bet.


7. Click on the Cashout button to «place» the available back bet:

     Back price: 5.00
     Stake: 12.90€

     You have already made a virtual bet. You win 2.10€ at every possible result of the game.


You can use Trading Simulator as a simple CashOut calculator.

Insert a bet:
For example insert at the Local win:

Back price: 2.12
Stake: 10.00€

CashOut Deactivation:

Click the «Auto» button to deactivate the automatic following of the Lay price.

By deactivating CashOut you can now insert a Lay bet as you want.
For example:
Lay price: 1.58

Inserting the odd 1.58 CashOut informs you that:
-With a Lay price of 1.58
-You need a stake of 13.42€
-To make an trading profit of 3.42€

Clicking the CashOut button you can verify your trading.