Lesson 1: Betting Odds and Probabilities
Lesson 2: Methodology for calculation of Probabilities & Odds
Lesson 2a: Theory for pre-game OddsCompiling
Lesson 2b: Theory for in-play OddsCompiling
Lesson 3: Types of betting 
Lesson 4: Traditional Betting Principles
Lesson 4a: Short Term betting Principles
Lesson 4b: Long Term betting Principles
Lesson 5: Analysis for Short Term Strategies (Trad. Betting)
Lesson 5a: Short Term Strategies
Lesson 5b: System Assistant
Lesson 6: Platform for Long Term Strategies (Trad. Betting)
Lesson 6a: Long Term Strategies
Lesson 7: Arbitrage / Trading Principles
Lesson 7a: Arbitrage / Trading in-play strategies