3.3.1 Traditional betting



Make profit by simply place one or more bets and wait for the game to finish.

There are two ways to make money from traditional betting which are:

  • Short term

  • Long term


Short Term:

At the short term you need to find the appropriate games and markets just to win your bets. You may win a lot of money only in one game, but you may lose a lot of money in one game. In this kind of betting you play based on the information of the games, the statistics etc. There are many systems focus on specific type of markets for pre-game and in-play strategies.


Long Term:

At the long term you need to follow a long term strategy so as to win a stable income at a long period, maybe in months. You have to bet in a regular base and to follow a specific strategy.

In the picture below we show the platform “System Hunter” that filters betting systems for long term success based on bookmakers data and calculated probabilities of betpractice studio.

The specific example showed a betting system for Home Team to win.

For a betting period of season 2014-2015 if you had place a bet of 1€ unit stake for Home Team to win at those bets with “real” probability between 45%-60% (betpractice probabilities),

You would had a positive profit yield:

21.30% for Denmark League

17.70% for England League two

Platform: System Hunter