3.3.2 Arbitrage betting



Place a bet before the kick off or during the game. Before the end of the game place again a reverse bet to make an arbitrage positive profit.


Let’s assume a game before the kick off,

Under 2.5 : odd = 2.10

Over 2.5 : odd = 1.90

Place the first bet:

Under 2.5, odd=2.10, Stake=100€, net profit= 110.00€, loss= -100.00€

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Make an arbitrage,

When the game are in-play and the score remains 0-0, market Over 2.5 will have an odd increase.

Let’s assume the Elapsed is at 18min then market Over 2.5 has odds,

Over 2.5 : odd = 2.20


Place a second bet:

Over 2.5, odd=2.2, Stake=95.45€, net profit= 14.54€, loss= 0.0

As an arbitrage result by placing the second reverse bet Over2.5 you make 14.54€ net profit at all scores.

(Stake 95.45€ comes from the equation: arb stake= (2.10/2.20)*100=95.45€.)


Assumptions when the game is at Elapsed 18min


Parameters that take place so as to make your betting systems are:

  • You don’t care about the final score, but only to make your arbitrage profit.

  • You need a careful study about the movements of the odds.