3.3.3 Trading betting



It can take place at the exchange market like www.betfair.com.

Place a Back bet before the kick off or during the game. Before the end of the game place the corresponding Lay bet to make an arbitrage profit.


Let’s assume a game before the kick off,

Back Under 2.5 : odd = 1.93

Lay Under 2.5 : odd = 2.04

Place the first back bet:

Back Under 2.5, odd=1.93, Stake=100€, net profit= 93.00€, loss= -100.00€


Make a trading,

When the game are in-play and the score remains 0-0. 

Let's assume the Elapsed is 25min then market Lay Under 2.5 will has an odd decrease, let’s assume something like,

Lay Under 2.5 : odd = 1.85


Place the second bet:

Lay Under 2.5, odd=1.85, Stake=104.32€, net profit= 4.32€, loss= 0.0

As a result:

By placing the second Lay bet you make 4.32€ net profit at all scores.

(Stake 104.32€ comes from the equation: tra stake= (1.93/1.85)*100=104.32€.)

You can check another option to make a better net profit at scores below U2.5.

So, at the Lay bet place 100.00€.

You make net profit 8.00€ and no loss for Over 2.5.