5.3 Methodology for a ScoreGrid Betting Plan

It is better to use ScoreGrid Platform to make all betting plans and test your betting systems. Although ScoreGrid is for betfair exchange, it is easy to use it for betting plans to other bookmakers like bet365, William Hill etc.


Betting plan is a design of your betting system before the kick off. You can work based on your basic bet, but you can mix other bets to make your system safer.

Let’s start with the statistic of the game Hull City vs Bristol City from previous paragraph 5.2

As we plan to bet for Hull City to win, using OddsCompiler platform we can check the probability for the opposite scores like (0-1), (1-1), (0-2) etc.

Assuming a historical database of previous seasons from 2014 up to 2016, I have the results as:

  • The most possible result after the “Home win” is the “Draw”.

  • According to scores the most possible scores against “Home wins” are:

Score (1-1) Probability 13.51%

Score (1-2) Probability 8.11%

Score (0-1) Probability 5.41%

Score (0-2) Probability 5.41%



According to OddsCompiler we are able to know the probability of some scores against the “Home win”.

Let’s make our initial Bet:

The game hasn’t started, so I will use ScoreGrid betslip to show my betting plan.


Initial Betting:

Home win, odd:1.74, stake:100

I have net profit 74.0€ with a loss of 100€ at opposite scores.




Additional Betting:

Combining ScoreGrid and ScoreGrid Systems Assistant we can place some additional bets to make my system safer to opposite scores.

I decided to make a zero loss at scores:





According to ScoreGrid we lose 100€ at the above scores.

To make a zero loss we use System Assistant inserting scores (0-1), (1-1) and (1-2) for making a zero loss at these scores.

By inserting the available betfair odds in the assistant, we get the necessary stake for each score to make a zero loss.



By inserting the stakes taken from the assistant we have the result below.



We have a zero loss at scores (0-1), (1-1) and (1-2).


This technique reduce our initial net profit from 74.0€ to 40.56€ and increase the loss from -100€ to -133.44€.


You can make a zero loss for one, two or more scores, but there is a limit. According to the initial betting you win 74.0€.

When you work at the assistant there is an indicator of the reduction from your net profits.

In the above example of the three scores the reduction is 33.44€. This amount will subtract from 74.0€.