5a.2 Short Term Strategy: Profit All Scores with Over 1.5

An excellent strategy in Betpractice ScoreGrid to make profit at all scores.

We should demonstrate this strategy in two main parts.

  1. Betting Plan

  2. In play exit plan


Betting Plan:

I will choose the Game:

Rotherham vs Leeds at 02-04-2016 England Championship

Initial Betting:

  1. Over 1.5 : odd=1.44, stake=100€


I lose at scores (0-0), (1-0) and (0-1).

I prefer to make a zero loss at score (0-0).


The odd for (0-0) is 9.2. I use the ScoreGrid assistant to find the appropriate stake for (0-0) which is 12.19€.

When I insert stake 12.1951€ I have a zero loss for score (0-0).


According to the above betting plan there is a loss of 112.20€ at scores (1-0) and (0-1).


In play Exit Plan:

If the score will be eg. (1-0) which is the most possible (try oddscompiler to check it), I will find the minimum value of the (1-0) odd, so as to have a zero loss at all scores of Over 1.5.

Use the ScoreGrid Assistant.


The minimum odd value for score (1-0) to have a zero loss at all score of Over1.5 is 4.64 with stake 30.8€.

In ScoreGrid we use the odd 4.70 because 4.64 is not available at betfair exchange.


As the score is (1-0) you almost win 1.76€, but if the score change you lose nothing.

Be careful, in case you place a bet with odd value below 4.64 then you will lose if the score change.


Estimation for in-play odds:

We can make an estimation about the Elapsed time of the game, where the odd for (1-0) will be close to 4.64.

According to OddsCompiler Platform the estimated Elapsed Time for the odd (1-0) to be close to 4.64 value is about 65min.

Be careful then when the Elapsed is after 65min.