6.4 Configure Probability and Value in a Betting System

We will make different betting systems based on configuration with “All” prices.

Results with “All” prices


Details of games


The beauty of System Hunter is that the user can go further by adjusting two basic parameters, in order to search for the most profitable betting systems, which are:

  1. Calculated probability to win

  2. Calculated betting value compared to Betfair’s odds

Type :

Probability from 55% up to 100%

Value from -1000% to 1000%

There is only one match with Probability >55% and value between -1000% to 1000% (-3.40%) as it is shown below.

Another option by changing value.

Type :

Probability from 0% up to 100%

Value from 20% to 1000%

There are two matches with Probability between 0 to 100% and value between 20% to 1000% as it is shown below.