General info

BetPractice is a privately owned company providing statistical research and football modelling services to customers, including professional punters and traders.

BetPractice was founded in 2011. We are a growing company and we work in an exciting and fast paced industry of which we are seeking to provide our customers with a leading edge statistical tools regarding football modelling and betting.

Our effort is to give all the statistical tools to a player, in order to help them evaluate the bookmakers' odds at pre-game and have the possibility for odds prediction and probabilities for live betting.

The user can find a compensatory number of articles and training videos to fully understand the usage and capabilities of our online statistical tools.

Although there are many websites with a variety of football predictions with sophisticated statistical methodologies, BetPractice strongly believes in the elaboration of pure historical goal database results, without additional factors or complicated methods.

What is our target?

BetPractice evaluates the odds prices and the probabilities of the football matches daily, so the user has the opportunity to compare the pure statistical outputs of OddsCompiler Platform & NextGoal Predictor to the offered odds prices by the bookies.

BetPractice Odds Evaluation are not :
- Past bookies' odds for the games
- Bookmakers' best odds for each market
- A Tip based on personal judgement

BetPractice has developed Online Statistical tools in order to extract:
- The real betting odds for every markets of the game
- Betting opportunities at real time


Our goal is to find out the way that the bookies calculate the odds value. We are searching for the sample of matches that they use for their calculations. Using our database, we select the number of data records that will lead us to the closest estimate.

Odd's prices estimation are calculated on the basis of "pure" statistical analysis of two teams, using data sample from previous years, without including current situation of the teams (players, red cards etc) or complex mathematical forecasting models.