A game of great importance will take place tonight at the Emirates, where 2nd placed Arsenal (33 points) host 3rd placed Manchester City (32 points). This article is going to shed some light on the odds of Popular Bets in this game. When you become a member of the BetPractice community you will have the chance to use a big variety of statistical tools. One of these tools is called "game Analysis".

In this part of BetPractice Studio, you are able to check the real odds that BetPractice calculates for over 70 betting markets per game. Our odds come only from statistical analysis of previous results and we do not include othere parameters of a game, such as injuries, suspensions etc.

When you login to the BetPractice Studio, you are going to find yourself looking at our Coupon, which by default shows each day's games. You can then click on a specific game and this action will load the "Game Analysis" page. There, you can select whichever of the 70+ betting markets you want in order to check the real odds, compare them either with Betfair betting exchange, or William Hill and Bet365 bookmakers, and see if there is any value at specific odds that interest you.

In an effort to present to you the essence of the Game Analysis we have decided to share the odds for eight Popular Markets for the big game Arsenal v Man City:


it is clear from the green percentages in the "Value" column, that there are various value bets in these Team and Goal Markets, that are selected.

According to our real odds, the odds that show the highest value are the ones of Under 0.5 goals. Whereas our decimal odds for the specific market are 8.33, the odds at Betfair (at the time of writing) are 15.50. These odds show a really big 86.07% value when compared to BetPractice's real odds.

On the other hand, the lower value percentage appears in the over/Under 3.5 Goals market. The Over 3.5 bet's odds at Betfair are 2.88 (at the time of writing) and our real calculated odds for the market are 2.84, so the value is just 1.41%.

However, you can clearly see that there are negative value percentages as well. This means that the offered odds at Betfair or the Bookmakers are not valuable for you to select when compared to our real odds that have been calculated for the specific market.

The highest negative percentage, thus the less value overall among these 8 markets is shown at the Half Time Match Odds. There, the available Betfair odds for Man City to be winning at half time are of 3.70, whereas our calculated odds are of 5.10. This is interpreted in  -27..45% value.

As you can see from the drop down menus above the odds you can select any market you want from anyh category you want. You will then get a similar page showing the odds and value percentages for the specific markets. If you wish to compare our odds to another Bookmaker, all you have to do is hover your mouse over the Bookmaker drop down menu and select the Bookmaker of your choice. Their odds will then appear and the value percentages will change accordingly.

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