Many of you might be waiting for the Boxing Day to arrive because firstly that means that the festive period has started and secondly the football schedule is really busy so you can watch and bet in many games during a small period of time.

However, the festive period does not guarantee you value bets. It is not a matter of what day it is. It is a matter of knowing what the odds "say".

BetPractice Studio provides you with the statistical tools you need in order to improve your betting skills. You can see our own real odds for the games you are interested in, you can calculate your own while using the criteria you want, and of course you can check the percentage of value these odds have when compared to the available bokkies' odds.

Today's schedule includes ten games, nine for the Italian Serie B and one for the Belgian Pro-League. Here are these ten games in our coupon:


The odds that appear next to each game are our real odds calculated by using statistical tools. When you see a green value button, then this means that there is value in at least one of the three possible outcomes of that game. All you have to do is click on it and it will appear before you.

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