Punters around the world rejoice. Boxing Day is hours away. And not only Boxing Day, but the whole festive betting schedule is something many people are waiting for each year.

Starting tomorrow, many and interesting games will be taking place every two or three days, making this one of the busiest periods of the year, for punters and bookmakers. Is there a way to stay on top of all this action in terms of betting selections? We believe BetPractice Studio can help.

We offer a wide variety of statistical tools that can help you with your betting skills in general, as well as specific bets.

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The “Coupon” includes real odds/probabilities for Match Odds and value percentages, when those odds are compared to the bookies’.

“Game Analysis” offers real odds for over 70 betting markets per game. You also get value percentages after a comparison with the bookies’ odds.

“Search Engine” lets you search one or more leagues simultaneously and among all of the offered betting markets. What you can find, is the highest probability to win or the best relation between success and value.

“System Hunter” gives you the chance to test your betting system for long-term success or find other successful systems other punters have shared.

“NextGoal Predictor” helps you in Live betting and trading. How possible is it for a goal to be scored in the next certain period of time? Get your answer here.

“Odds Compiler” is a tool that helps you calculate odds based on the criteria you want.

All of the above features can be yours*, when you subscribe to BetPractice Studio.

It is a period of giving and we decided to give you a Christmas offer. If you get a 6-month or a 12-month subscription then you will get one month of XSquare Sports.


XSquare Sports is a tool that helps you with your trebles. All you have to do is make 9 selections in football or horse racing, enter your desired stake and XSquare Sports will analyse and produce the best 8 trebles among the 86 possible combinations.

Have a great festive period!