The New Year is here and it is time for the leagues that were having some time off, to return to action. The Serie A returns today, with nine games.

We are going to present you with real odds and value percentages from the Chievo v Roma game, as we have selected the eight popular Team and Goal betting markets.

The "Real Odds" column is where you can find our odds, that derive from our statistical analysis of previous results of both teams. In the "Bookmaker" column, you can find the odds available at  the bookies (in the specific example, we have selected the Betfair Exchange).

What we do next is calculating the value for you, that you can find in the "Value" column. The value percentages in green colour show, that the available bookmakers' odds show value and of course the bigger the number, the higher the value. In contrast, the percentages in red show odds that are lower than the Real Odds we have calculated for the specific bet.

In the game we have selected for today's analysis, Chievo hosts Roma. The highest value is shown in the Match Odds market and specifically in the Draw. The Real Odds we have calculated for the draw (2.70) are lower than the odds available (at the time of writing) at Betfair, so the value percentage of the Draw as a bet is 25.93%. Roma to win shows negative value (-9.73%), and Chievo to win shows negative value as well (-13.25).

You can always select the betting markets that interest you for any game. There is analysis for over 70 markets per game and accordingly there is comparison to the bookies' odds and a value percentage calculation.

After kick off, you can always check "Next Goal Predictor" that can show you value and probabilities of a goal being scored in a specific time period.

Our tolls help you improve your betting skills bot for pre-game betting as well as live betting.