The top two teams of the Spanish Primera Division will clash this evening at Nou Camp. Both Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have got 48 points, but the "Blaugrana" have played 20 games, as opposed to Atletico who have one more.

As always, the game is going to be entertaining, but what about the betting aspect of it? Are the available odds at the various bookmakers fair? Do any of theses odds show value?

We have put the game through our Game Analysis tool and have selected to analyse eight popular betting markets and compare the real odds that our tool has calculated to the odds that are offered by three companies, The Betfair betting exchange, WilliaHill and Bet365.



Starting with the Betfair comparison and subsequent value percentages it is clear that the highest value percentage is the one for the Away win in the Full Time Match Odds market, at 150.80%. At the time of writing, the offered odds at Betfair were 7.80 and our real odds were calculated at 3.11, thus the high percentage.

Thw lowest value percentage is found at the Over/under 0.5 market and specifically at the Under 0.5 bet, at -36.88%.

Moving on to William Hill we can see something similar, with the Away win being at 125.08% of value and the same applies to Bet365 with the offered price on Atletico to win at 7.00.

You can see the rest of the 70+ betting markets yourself, once you subscribe to our service and get hold of our powerful statistical tools.

We believe we can help you make better decisions, by learning what the odds say, how they are calculated and what the value percentages represent.

Remember that BetPractice dows not offer betting tips. We just put the games through statistical analysis in order to calculate our own odds and then compare them to the ones offered by the bookies.

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