Football is the king of sports and the interest in its games is not only for those that will give out a trophy, but for those that will give a team just three points in their quest to avoid relegation.

This is the case for tonight's game in the Primera Division between Espanyol and Rayo Vallecano. The hosts lie on 15th place, two points above the relegation zone, whereas Rayo have got the same number of points as Granada, the first team in the relegation zone.

Tha game is clearly a relegation battle and thus very interesting. How about the betting aspect of it, though?

We have decided to put the match through our Game Analysis tool. Eight popular betting markets have been selected and the real odds that have been calculated for these, have been, then, compared to the odds offered by four companies.

See the following four images for the real odds, the comparison, and the subsequent value percentages.





This kind of analysis can help you determine whether or not there is value in the odds that are offered to you by various bookmakers.

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