When selecting a betting system to follow, punters' goal is to select one that will get them profit. However, any betting system can give you wins at certain time periods. This does not mean it will give you a stable profit that means you are going to follow it with little doubt about the results.

BetPractice offers many powerful statistical tools, that in no way promote gambling or offer betting tips. Our tools are capable of providign punters across the world with the chance to learn how to bet starting from the basics and then moving on to much more powerful statistical analyses about betting.

One of our more powerful statistical tools is System Hunter.. Even though its computing power is immense, it is really for any user to get to know and start using it for their owen benefit. With Systen Hunter you can analyse any betting system you can think of, in terms of odds, probability and value for 16 betting markets and across 37 leagues in the world.

It is easier to see an example and get a glimpse of some of System Hunter's features and how they can help you in your continuous "battle" against the bookies. In the following three images, you will see the analysis for a betting system in the top two Spanish leagues, Primera Division and Segunda Division, as far as the Draw as a full-time result is concerned. The analysis is for the time period of January to April in 2016, 2015, and 2014, and we are asking for a probability percentage of 33-45% while value is from -1,000 to 1.000.

It is obvious thet the system shows great stability, with yield of 37.34% in 2016, 47.41% in 2015, and 38.36% in 2014.



The possibilities, with System Hunter, are not counted easily. You can create your own betting system and put it through the statistical analysis, in order to see whether it is worth following or not.

System Hunter is available with any 6-month or 12-month subscription, and in addition when purchasing one of these subscriptions, you get one month of XSquare Sports for free!

Join us and give yourself a better chance in betting.