Half time results do not count for anything in football. However, betting is a totally different thing, and Half-Time results betting markets are popular among many punters around the world.

When betting on anything, the best thing you can do for yourselves is have a system, and before starting to put money on this sytem, you better test it. If you are serious about your investment in betting, then you need to go through a period of testing and analysis. You will need to check your betting system through time and get the results, hoping that they will come back positive, giving you the chance to invest your money with more confidence in what you have selected.

BetPractice Studio gives you the chance to do all this, with the click of a few buttons, with System Hunter, one of the most powerful statistical tools around. System Hunter will get your personalised betting system and put it through the test of time. All you have to do is put in all the necessary information.

In case of half time results, we have decided to present to you the results of three (plus one) betting systems. In the said systems, we have selected the top 5 leagues in Europe, the English Premier League, the Spanish Primera Division, the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A, and the French Ligue 1. In the following images, you will see how our system did for the period of August 2015 - April 2016.

The first image concerns the Half-time Home win betting market. As you can see, we have selected the probability percentage to be ftom 50 to 80% (and have done this for all the following examples) and value from 0-1,000%.

Whereas the system has negative yield of -1,86%, it is clear that this negative percentage can be explained by just looking at the two leagues that show big negative yield the Serie A (-57.20%) and the Bundesliga (-58.40%). The other three leagues show positive yield and the success rate is at least 50% for each one of them.

How about, the away win at half-time betting market? Let's have a look at that now.

What happened here is really interesting. It is clear when we talk about the away win, that most of the time the probability is lower than the one for home win, in all of the leagues around the world, including these big ones. So, because there were no situations of games with 50-80% probability of away win at half time, System Hunter has given results for just the three leagues that gave games that fit our criteria. Of course the results, even if this 25% is huge, cannot be taken into account, because it came from 1 successful game out of 4 in total.

What we did next, in order to get more useful results for the away win at half-time, was to change the probability percentages, and got something that looked liked this.

We have selected 0-80% probability and all the other settings were left the same. System Hunter, now brought back the Premier League and the Serie A in the results, however, the yield and success rate of the particular betting system were not good. Obviously we will either need to re-configure it, extend the time period we have set, or leave it altogether, and not bet any money following this.

Finally, there was the Draw as a half-time result betting market.

This was the best betting system overall, in terms of yield, as it showed a percentage of 3.39%. Of course, if you look closely you will see that two of the leagues show negative yield.

All of the above examples were presented to you in order to show you what System Hunter can do. It can give you results that will definitely be useful to you whether a betting system shows positive yield or even negative one. You can see overall results, as well as broken down by league and this can mean that there is a whole lot more information for you to take into account before moving on to bet your money on a specific betting market.

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