it may be Monday and everyone is back at their jobs reminiscing the weekend, but three games from three of the top European leagues come to remind us that actions knows no days.

SInce all three games are intersting and important, and the league three of the most popular ones in the world, we have decided to give you odds for some of the most popular betting markets in the world, Asian handicap markets. Our statistical tool, Game Analysis, was asked to give the real odds for seven Asian handicap betting markets on the three games. What you need to do, is select any market you want and our tool will give you the odds according to our statistical analysis of previous results.

Starting in England, Tottehnam Hotspur host West Bromwich Albion, knowing that Leicester City have won their game and are now eight points ahead in the title run in the Premier League. So, Spurs need to win in order to stay in the game and not see their title hopes diminish.


In Italy and the Serie A, Roma (3rd) host Napoli (2nd), with five points separating the two teams. What is at stake here is the automatic qualification for next year's Champions League groups. Roma need a win in order to put pressure at Napoli and try to take second place. Napoli need to hold off any last attempt the Romans make to take their place.


Lastly, a game from the Primera Division. Celta lie in sixth place, only a point behind Athletic Bilbao, and have their eyes on automatic qualification for the Europa League groups of next year. Tonight's visitors, Granada are only one point and one place above the relegation zone.


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