It is now time for Europa League Final to give us some action. Many people will select the Europa League Final game for their betting tonight, so let's give them an in-depth statistical analysis based on pure statistics, real odds and the relevant probabilities, in comparison to the most famous bookmakers. 

So here are 3 images for tonight's final  in the second european competition. You will find that we put the games through our Game Analysis tool and this has produced a series of real odds for 76 betting markets, as well as the value percentage when those odds were compared to the odds of four different bookmakers.

The analysis is concerning the below betting markets

  • 8 Popular Markets
  • 18 Team Markets per game
  • 14 Goal Markets per game
  • 3 Score markets per game
  • 33 Asian Handicap per game

We have put the game through our Game Analysis tool and have selected to analyse eight popular betting markets and compare the real odds that our tool has calculated to the odds that are offered by three houses, The Betfair betting exchange, William Hill and Bet365.



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